M. Holden Warren is an award winning cinematographer, photographer and visual artist, working on 6 continents on a range of project from feature films to fashions shoots to photojournalism. A Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Holden focuses on Tonga, Liberia, Paris and Baltimore, splitting his time between them; developing multi faceted art/development projects cultivated with over years


As a cinematographer Holden has worked for Time, HBO, Der Speigel and other outlets on feature documentaries and news. Holden was the director of photography on the award winning feature film French Dirty, cinematographer for feature documentaries, Baltimore rising and How I Got Over. Currently he is working two documentary projects and freelancing worldwide. As a photographer, Holden shot with Coca-cola, Geo, Vice, City Lab, Washington life among others and is currently working on a photo book about Baltimore’s Arabbers, the last of the urban horseman and freelancing worldwide.





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